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Best Manual Coffee Grinder (Hand Grinder Buying Guide) – Best manual coffee grinder overall: 1Zpresso K-Max


If you buy something using links in our stories, we may earn a commission. This helps support our journalism. Learn more. Windows 10 usb install media creation tool free download all in the beans. Nothing will improve your morning coffee like grinding the beans right before you brew. Coffee —making the switch to whole beans will transform your coffee-drinking experience.

We have some advice on finding good best manual coffe grinder beans at the end of this article, and you might want to read our guide to the best coffee bean subscription services. Then, once amnual have your beans, it’s time to grind ’em up fresh each day.

Here’s our guide to the best coffee grinders. Our list consists mostly of conical-burr grinders. In a conical grinder, coffee beans are crushed and ground between two rings of burrs. In these, the burrs are laid on best manual coffe grinder of each other, and the beans pass through them as they grind.

The grinder action pushes the grounds out of one end, best manual coffe grinder of relying on gravity like a conical burr grinder, and the beans spend more time in contact with the burrs. Blade grinders have a chopping blade that spins around like a food processor. But blades don’t produce even results. Some of your coffee will be fine powder at the bottom, and at the top you’ll have bits too large for even French press. The result is an inconsistent, unpredictable brew. These grinders are cheap, and yes, using fresh beans in a детальнее на этой странице grinder is far better than buying ground coffee.

You can best manual coffe grinder how to shake the beans to even your grind just a little. See world barista champion James Hoffmann’s video for some more blade grinder hacks. If you can afford it, we highly recommend going with one of the burr grinders we’ve listed.

There’s a reason why they cost a little more than a budget burr grinder. The machinery in a high-quality burr grinder is a bit more complicated, and it’s built to withstand greater wear and tear.

In cheap burr grinders, the burrs will typically get blunt from regular use, and the flimsier motors may burn out with regular use in a matter of months. Oxo’s Brew grinder has a good balance of features, usefulness, and relatively low price among the electric grinders we’ve used.

It’s a conical burr grinder, so it gives you the precision for most types of brewing. Its slim, narrow profile doesn’t источник counter space—though it is 16 inches tall and may be a tight fit under the cabinets. Remember, you need some clearance to take the lid off and pour in beans. It’s not silent by any means, but it’s not too loud, and it amnual quickly.

We’ve used this grinder daily for more than a year, and it’s held up well! If you’ve never had a burr grinder and want to see what all the fuss is about without breaking the bank, this is grindet you should start.

But be careful, you will end up drinking more coffee because it tastes so good when it’s burr-ground. Members of our reviews team have purchased and tested this Cuisinart model at least three times because of its low price.

It was loud, the best manual coffe grinder wasn’t as even as we wanted, and the motor gave out on all of our units which we purchased years apart after a month or two. While coffee culture can often seem elitist and uninviting, this conical burr grinder is more accessible and less expensive than most quality grinders. There are 40 settings, from a fine grind for espresso all the way to a coarse grind for French press.

It’s simple to operate, features an automatic shutoff timer, and doesn’t hog counter space. It’s about 14 inches tall, so check the specs against your kitchen. The Baratza Encore is also easily cleanable and repairable. Best manual coffe grinder tools are required to take the machine apart, and replacement parts are easy to obtain. The Encore has a bigger, beefier cousin, the Encore Vario-Wbut for most people the Encore is a much better pick.

It’s built from top to yrinder with longevity in mind. You can disassemble it to service its robust inner machinery, clean the burrs, and troubleshoot any issues you might be having. Moreover, the chassis is built like a tank, and unlike most grinders, it’s made almost entirely of steel.

Servicing a heavy-duty machine like a burr grinder encased in flimsy plastic can be a huge pain—and sometimes impossible without breaking something. Burr grinders will always run into problems. They break up oily beans into fine powders, so there’s going to be some buildup, somewhere. The Mignon Notte is one of the first burr grinders that I feel confident might actually outlast me. Manaul, it grinds coffee to perfection in a matter of seconds, no matter how fine or coarse you want it, and it costs hundreds less than most flat-burr grinders.

A burr grinder will get you noticeably tastier vest, best manual coffe grinder there’s nothing wrong with a plain old blade grinder. If you’re just grinding coffee cogfe a drip machine, French press, or pour-over, a blade grinder will best manual coffe grinder just fine in most cases.

My personal favorite has been this KitchenAid that I picked up on Amazon a few years back. It’s sturdy, and it has a little removable cup so you don’t have to invert the whole grinder over your coffee machine to empty out the grounds.

But most importantly, it gets the job done. Add in fresh, locally roasted beans and you’ll beat in for a killer cup of coffee. Pro tip: If you pulse it instead of holding it down for one long grind, you’ll get a more consistent grind, and you won’t end up with as many nearly whole beans floating at the top of your coffee filter.

The Ode Brew Grinder only grinds coffee coarse enough for best manual coffe grinder, drip, or French press brewing, but it’s a great grinder.

Its flat burrs produce a super consistent grind that really elevates a good pour-over. It’s also nice to look at and is built from solid metal, like best manual coffe grinder tank. The Ode thoroughly, speedily, and relatively quietly best manual coffe grinder your coffee beans. We have killed quite best manual coffe grinder few burr grinders in our day. It has all kinds of helpful features like a grind timer and adjustable dose control, and attachments that best manual coffe grinder you settle a portafilter in right under the spout where the bedt come out.

The standout feature for me is its cleanability. The burrs are just a bit more accessible thanks to their placement directly beneath the hopper. It also features precise dose control manula a dial controlling the consistency of the grind with helpful guidelines for different kinds of coffee preparation.

Plus, you can swap the little container that catches the grounds with a holder bestt a portafilter—which makes it super easy to grind exactly how much best manual coffe grinder need and not a single bean more. Julian Chokkattu. Medea Giordano. Simon Hill. Making manaul coffee is all about starting with fresh roasted beans, getting them to just the right grind, and adding hot water.

Making great coffee consistently is all about measuring your variables, and adjusting one at a time. One key variable is the weight of grounds you use, and this Oxo model is one of the only grinders with a built-in scale. Set your grind size, select the weight you want, hit Start, and walk away; it shuts itself off when it’s done.

Больше на странице could use a kitchen scale to weigh your beans, but this best manual coffe grinder a nice way to streamline your morning ritual, especially if counterspace is best manual coffe grinder a premium. Be warned though, it does have a tendency to cast off a few grounds here or there when you open the little grounds container, so make sure you sweep your counter regularly.

The Skerton Pro is far and away his favorite. It’s fast, taking less than two minutes to grind out the half cup of fine grounds for my moka pot—and the burr design best manual coffe grinder a consistent, fine grind.

On the downside, the silicone grip constantly falls off. Scott threw his away, as it didn’t do much anyway. On the upside, the threads on the grinder portion are standard, so if anything happens to the glass jar you can just use a regular Ball mason jar. This smaller Hario is the first hand grinder that senior reviewer Scott Gilbertson ever used. It’s perfect for a shot of espresso or even a small besr pot.

It doesn’t grind as fast as the Skerton, but bedt much lighter and grindfr to throw in your bag when you best manual coffe grinder, thanks to the plastic construction. There’s also the slightly larger and more expensive Mini Slim Pro. Grind-wise, the Mini Slim is cpffe the same, but he doesn’t like grinded as much, because you can’t see how much coffee you’ve ground.

VSSL started life making ultra-durable camping tools—waterproof canisters with flashlights, compasses, first aid kits, and more.

Recently the company took that same design—a slender tube made of aircraft-grade aluminum—and turned it into the Java, a portable coffee grinder rugged enough to survive the zombie apocalypse, or a bumpy ride to your favorite campsite.

Senior reviewer Scott Gilbertson loves everything about the Java. It’s best manual coffe grinder well made, manuall relatively lightweight. The handle is clever. It folds out and provides a lot of leverage while you grind, and you can use it as a hook to hang the Java up when you’re done. The setup produces a nice even grind, covering the full spectrum of brew possibilities, from French-press coarse to espresso-fine. At roughly 14 ounces, you wouldn’t bring it backpacking, but it’s great for grinding fresh beans while camping.

The Java isn’t cheap, but if you do a lot of camping and want a grinder that’s going to last a lifetime, this one fits the bill. It’s easy to overlook bean storage, especially if you go best manual coffe grinder coffee pretty quickly.

But during months of testing, I can say definitively that a vacuum container preserves the delicate flavors of locally roasted coffee much longer than the bag they came in does. The Atmos Vacuum Container is my best manual coffe grinder favorite, and every single bag of coffee I get goes right into one as soon as I bring it home from the store.

By using a twist-action pump on the lid to vacate the container of any air, the Atmos effectively puts your beans into stasis. Without air, there are fewer passive chemical reactions going on that break down those roasty toasty flavors before you can get to them.



Best manual coffe grinder. The 7 Best Manual Coffee Grinders for Home Use of 2023


The burrs offer a very elegant cup for both styles of brewing. Another cool thing about joining the Comandante family of users is that you can easily share brewing recipes and specs with other coffee drinkers. The Comandante grinder is one of the most popular models on the market. However, you can find cheaper models that are very close to it in terms of performance. You do pay a bit extra for the brand name and recognition here. Check out my full Comandante review.

While the Jx will be more than enough for most people, the K-Max is for the coffee geek who wants an end-game model. K-Max just offers a bit more balance and precision in terms of flavors.

Especially, when it comes to lighter roasts. However, if money is no object, I think you should consider this grinder instead.

The intuitive and easy-to-use adjustment dial on top of the unit separates the K-Max from most other hand grinders. It makes it incredibly easy to switch between different settings.

For instance, I grind for espresso at setting 2. At the same time, the steps are small enough that you can dial in all kinds of coffee comfortably. The K-Max also has a magnetic catch cup. Again, this is a pleasure to use. Taste-wise, the K-Max is also a bit more refined than the Jx. The K-Max delivers a very balanced yet sweet cup of coffee. In addition, you can comfortably push the extractions with this grinder.

It emphasizes balance and nuance when it comes to drip coffee and espresso. And it offers a way better adjustment mechanism and smaller steps compared to the C The K-Max is quite a bit more expensive than the popular Jx, but you get a ton of value for your money here.

Check out my in-depth review of the K-Max on YouTube. Timemore C2 has created a bit of a disruption in the grinder market. It comes in at a price point where you previously only had manual ceramic burr grinders or horrible electric grinders.

The C2 destroys both types of devices without breaking a sweat. The C2 looks quite good, and it also feels good in the hand. It has this unique textured surface that makes the grinder easier to hold. Again, this makes for a comfy ride. For example, you can fit around 25 grams of coffee there, enough for two large cups. The Timemore C2 grinds exceptionally fast. The cups from the grinder are sweet and have excellent clarity and texture.

For example, the grinder produces a more consistent grind than the Baratza Encore, often recommended as the best option for beginners. The Timemore C2 is the cheapest way to get good coffee at home. The device looks quite good, and it feels good in the hand. This is the smallest model from 1Zpresso. Even though the grinder is tiny it still does a great all round-job, and could be used as an everyday workhorse.

Like the other models from the brand, The Mini Q has an aluminum unibody with no room for misalignment while the shaft and burrs are made of stainless steel. The grinding action is helped by two super-smooth bearings. In practice this makes grinding incredibly fast — at least double the speed compared to the no-bearing ceramic burr grinders in this article.

The burr set is made from sharp stainless steel, and it goes through medium roasted beans like a knife through butter. The ROK is constructed from die-cast aluminum, and grinding whole coffee is effortless due to design and the large crank arm, which by the way, can be adjusted for left-handed users.

The grinding system inside of the ROK comprises of a set of 48mm stainless steel burrs, which are set in a vertical array rather than the classic horizontal setup. If you are concerned about heat buildup due to the steel burrs, you can buy replacement ceramic burrs directly from ROK and swap them out. The ROK coffee grinder is a straightforward machine that provides an old-school feel both in aesthetics and function.

Affordable, compact, and sleek would be three words to sum up the JavaPresse manual coffee grinder. The JavaPresse consists of a durable brushed stainless-steel body that houses a ceramic conical grinding burr. The detachable hand crank is easy to remove, and the entire grinding can fit inside your AeroPress, making it the perfect travel companion. It also features a dual plate system, making the entire grinder feel a lot more stable when grinding and aiding in producing more consistent results.

Surprisingly for such a small compact hand grinder, you have a lot of options. In fact, there are grind settings to choose from. The JavaPresse has been a popular coffee grinder on Amazon for many years, and at the time of writing, it currently boasts over reviews, most of which are positive.

They say that practice makes perfect. Well, after over a hundred years of manufacturing coffee grinders, I would like to think that Zassenhaus, the German company behind this grinder, know a thing or two about how to produce a quality product. Backed with a year guarantee on this particular manual coffee grinder, they definitely have confidence in their product.

Its grind function produces consistent results and has a large number of grind settings allowing you to grind for every brew method, even Turkish and Espresso. One last thing: it seems like a vast majority of coffee grinders are produced in China.

After doing a bit of digging, I am happy to say that the Zassenhaus Santiago Coffee Grinder is manufactured in Germany — funnily enough, in the same city that produces the Porsche.

The Timemore Chestnut G1 is a thing of beauty with its modern industrial-chic design. In fact, this exact immaculately engineered manual coffee grinder that stole the prestigious Reddot design award in Two internal ball bearings firmly fix the central axis to ensure that the grinding burrs are both running smooth and aligned optimally.

The G1 grinder comes with an impressive selection of grind settings that are easily set to your liking with the stepped wheel. Turning the dial clockwise will push the center burr closer to the outer burr, which in turn will set the grinder to a fine setting — turning the dial counterclockwise does the opposite, coarsening the grind.

A problem that tends to plague electric grinders, especially those with stainless steel burrs, is excess heat produced while grinding. This is mainly caused by friction as the coffee is ground at a high RPM revolutions per minute. Simply put, exposing your ground coffee to heat before brewing is bad.

The slight amount of heat can dissolve the delicate and volatile aroma of the coffee, meaning it will never make it to your cup! Hand-held grinders can withstand a lot of abuse and are designed for grinding through thousands of pounds of coffee with little to no upkeep apart from a regular clean. On the other hand, electric grinders are prone to failure due to the many moving parts and electrical components.

You can often purchase replacement parts online for hand-crank grinders and fit those yourself with little to no effort. For the most part, a good-quality manual grinder with steel burrs will take about 60 seconds to grind roughly 20 grams of whole bean coffee. Also, keep in mind that the finer your coffee, the more effort you will have to put in with many more rotations of the crank. If you are looking for a coffee grinder for espresso or Turkish coffee , opting for an electric model is highly recommended.

Mark is the editor and founder of the popular coffee blog Bean Ground. He’s been active in the catering and hospitality industry for many years.

When he’s not fiddling around with a new coffee gadget, you’ll find him busy doing DIY projects around the home and taking his German Shepherd for a walk, who funnily enough is called Kona!

Discover more about Mark here. Need content? So whatever you are looking for in style, size, consistency, and price, there is definitely a coffee grinder with your name on it. It will come as no surprise that the single most important consideration in choosing a manual coffee grinder is the uniformity and consistency of the grind. Inconsistent grind size will always lead to either over-extracted or under-extracted coffee, both of which taste thoroughly unpleasant.

So the aim of the game is always for the most optimal grind consistency. While price will in some ways drive this, the aim should be to get the most consistent grinder possible within your budget.

And that is a lot easier now than it was even two to three years ago. There are basically two different price brackets for the manual coffee grinders which in turn, reflects the consistency of the ground coffee they produce and the overall grinding experience.

These days this price can get you a very good grinder that really could even be classified as premium. We would not recommend going cheaper than anything on this list! These grinders are excellent in every sense of the word and are more than sufficient for any soft brews as well as any form of espresso. At this price point, you can expect and will get a manual grinder that looks elegant and performs with an excellence that will last for years.

You will also want to consider which brewing styles you want your manual grinder to cater to. The cheapest manual coffee grinders deal most easily with the grind sizes needed for pour-over and Aeropress as these sit near the middle of the grind range.

Cheaper grinders, however, will seldom be able to cater to the fineness and consistency of the grind required for espresso or Turkish coffee. Similarly, many manual coffee grinders will struggle to produce an even consistency for French Press as this requires a very coarse yet uniform particle size.

If you are trying to figure out grind sizes for different brewing methods see our Guide to Coffee Grinding with Grind Size Chart. It is also worth considering whether you want this grinder to be solely dedicated to one brewing style such as Aeropress or whether you will be constantly changing between styles. If you are looking for a grinder for a range of styles then you will want a stepped grinder with a preset number of settings and one that allows you to easily switch between settings.

However, if you are planning to dial in your grinder for say pour over and then just leave it there a stepless with no preset settings but instead often a knob or screw which you tighten to suit your required grind size might work just as well. Another factor to take into consideration is how much coffee you will be wanting to grind at a time. Larger and less portable grinders tend to have a greater capacity while smaller and more portable grinders have a smaller capacity.

So it is worth thinking through how much coffee you will need to grind at a time. So what is the best manual coffee grinder? Well while it depends in part on what you are looking for. It is well built, has superb grind consistency, impressive grinding speed, and large 48mm steel burrs! And best of all it offers superb value for money.

If you are looking for the best budget manual coffee grinder the Normcore v2 or Timemore C2 are both excellent options. They offer exceptional grind quality at an entry-level price. Finally, if specialty coffee is your thing and you have the money to pay for quality then you will not regret investing in the 1Zpresso K Max or the Kinu m Great article!

Thanks for the reviews and buying guide! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Best Manual Coffee Grinder Best Manual hand grinder. Get It On Amazon. Cons: Requires manual effort Takes longer than an electric grinder Not well suited to grinding large amounts of coffee beans. Timemore Chestnut C2 Hand Grinder. Check price on Amazon. Pros: Excellent value for money Excellent grind consistency particularly at the medium to coarse levels Fast grinding speed Large grind range.

Cons: Contains plastic parts Small capacity 25 grams. Hario Skerton Pro. Pros: Produces an even grind Easy to use Has a rubber base to help with grinding Easy to disassemble and reassemble.

Cons: No marking to indicate grind setting Larger and heavier than other grinders on this list Can struggle a bit with coarser ground coffee. Porlex Mini. Pros: Incredibly lightweight and portable Easy to use Very durable. Pros: Affordable Sleek design Fast grinding speed Excellent grind quality for price. Cons: Small capacity Lid can easily fall of when grinding Small range of grind settings. Pros: Well built Compact design Great value for money.

Cons: Narrow grind range Slowest grinder in the 1Zpresso lineup. Cons: Large size. Lido 3. Pros: Large hopper capacity of 70g Quality construction Excellent grind consistency across all brewing styles.

Cons: Relatively bulky Complicated grind adjustment system. Check Price on Amazon. Check Price on Prima Coffee. Pros: Premium build Excellent grind consistency External adjustment dial Fast grinding. Kinu m47 Simplicity Best Hand Grinder for espresso. Pros: Superb grind quality espresso for espresso Built like a tank Stepless grind adjustment Easy to adjust and communicate grind size.

Cons: Expensive Heavy Cup clarity falls away at coarser settings. Comandante C Check price on Prima Coffee. Pros: Beautiful design Full range of grind sizes Excellent grind consistency Made of top-quality materials that will last.

Cons: Expensive Does have some plastic in the construction. James Hyslop. I am a coffee enthusiast, brewer and writer for The Coffee Folk. My favorite brewing methods are Aeropress and Espresso. The 1Zpresso Q2 is the smallest of the 1ZPresso grinders. As well as the reduced size, the 1zpresso also comes with a lower price tag too. Fortunately, however, there have been no sacrifices made to build quality or materials, meaning the Q2 is very much a premium product in a tiny, travel-friendly package.

The premium materials used to make this grinder very easy to use for small batches of coffee. The expertly crafted Zassenhaus coffee grinder has a beautiful mahogany finish and regarded as one of the finest on the market due to its conical burr, year warranty, and high-quality grind capabilities.

It has other color options too — including a stunning beechwood , and black beechwood finish. For its added size comes added style — especially the beautiful mahogany veneer. Its grind function produces consistent results and has a HUGE number of grind settings due to its grind size dial — meaning you can grind for every brew method, even Turkish and espresso. What makes this product a great travel companion? For one, the portable easy-to-grip cylindrical shape makes it easy to hike, bike, pack in a suitcase or stash in the car.

It fits perfectly into the Aeropress making the convenience of packing easy, plus it weighs in at only 8 ounces. The solid stainless steel body build makes the Porlex easy to clean and virtually indestructible.

The adjustable grinder produces accurate grinds for fine, coarse or grinds in between — and has a neat little dial that will ensure you remember that perfect grind you just produced. Read our full review of the Porlex mini grinder here. Ticking all the boxes the Hario Skerton pro is a lightweight grinder that has a slip-free rubber base, large storage capacity, ceramic burr for extra grind precision and an ergonomic design. Super-easy to disassemble and reassemble with a hopper that can attach to a mason jar or other storage containers.

Easy to use, easy to clean — this grinder will manually blend your coffee beans without sacrificing the taste. Read our full review of the Hario Skerton Pro here. The Akirakoki is a budget-friendly manual grinder that delivers on both design and functionality.

The solid wood body comes from a single piece of wood, meaning it will never crack. Unusually, the Akiraroki has a Cast Iron burr, which means it will never rust and will produce less heat than other materials. The full package here combines to create a reliable travel grinder that looks fantastic.

Pulling this grinder out of your backpack will attract attention every time you start brewing with other travelers around. Like most Timemore products, the Chestnut G1 grinder is a perfect blend of form and function. In fact, its stunning combination of metal and wood saw it win a coveted Red Dot Design Award in It shares a a lot of similarities with the Timemore Slim Plus.

Most of the body is made from an aluminum alloy, which makes this a great light grinder for travel or camping. At the same time, durability is guaranteed by the stainless steel crank arm, driveshaft, and burrs. The overall rounded-square shape is comfortable in the hands while grinding, and the black walnut on the exterior and pommel gives it a classy appeal. Afterall, the most important thing is the ability to create uniform ground coffee, and the Chestnut G1 does this beautifully. It relies on two ball bearings to keep the grinding mechanism stable, and the sharp 38 mm conical steel burrs are aggressively designed for easy grinding.

And the grind range is substantial enough for any brewing method, from Turkish to French Press. Although specialty coffee lovers may find it difficult to perfectly dial in without micro adjustments. The Lido E-T uses a mm hardened steel burrs and micrometric stepless adjustment system — slightly bigger than that of the Lido 3 — and it has more range at the finer end of the scale. The upside to this is that both the bean hopper and catch jar are larger than most.

Holding 70g of beans and g of ground coffee, it means you can brew for a crowd, or grind enough at once to get you through the day. Compact, affordable, and slender. It features a dual plate system which makes it feel more stable when grinding and produces consistent results. The JavaPresse has an adjustable knob underneath the burr which means you are using a click system to change your grind settings but be weary — they may take some time getting used to.


Best manual coffe grinder


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