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Download: Link The driver from Windows update works fine, but the one linked on Intel’s website is newer and delivers better battery life.

Download: Link The driver from Windows update works fine, but the one linked on Intel’s website is newer and delivers better battery life and frame rates in games.

Download: Link The driver from Windows works, but the one linked on Intel’s website is specialized and delivers better battery life. Note: This utility adds key remppings for your chromebook. Download: Link Simply run the installer to install the utility.

Download: Link Simply run the installer to install the driver. Under the driver tab, click “Update Driver” and browse to the crostouchscreen2 driver. Then install. Download: Link Download and run the installer.

Note: This driver is not signed and requires enabling testsigning To enable testsigning: bcdedit -set testsigning on Download: Link Simply run the installer to install the driver. Download the SD Card reader driver here: Link. To free up storage, compress Windows 10 by running the following in an Admin Command Prompt: compact. Windows for Chromebooks installation helper Select Manufacturer.

If you know the model codename of your chromebook, you may enter it here:. Turn off your device, open the back and remove the Write Protect Screw. On another computer, create a Windows 8, 8. Then select “Boot Manager” to select your boot drive. Maxim driver is not available yet. Check back in the future!


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This works best if you have a high-speed internet connection between both computers. CrossOver, by CodeWeavers, is a software solution that allows you to run specific OS apps on other operating systems. That includes running Windows software on your Chromebook. Specifically, you can only run it on Intel-based Chromebooks.

If you want to involve any Android devices or apps, they need to be compatible with Android 5. At that price, however, you might as well buy a Windows 10 PC. Step 1: Enable Linux by opening the Chromebook settings and selecting Linux beta. Follow the on-screen instructions. Step 2: Visit the CodeWeavers website and enter your name and email address to access the free trial. Step 3: Click the red Download Trial Now button.

Chrome will retrieve a DEB file from the website and save it to your default download location. Step 4: Locate and double-click on the download and click the blue Install button. Step 5: Click the blue OK button to confirm. The app installs via Linux. Step 6: Open the Launcher followed by the CrossOver app. Step 8: A pop-up window appears. Click the Browse Available Applications link at the bottom to see what you can install. Alternatively, if you already have an installer, click the Select Installer tab instead.

In many cases, you can confirm the software you want, and CrossOver will begin the installation process with no trouble. In some cases, you may have to choose the right installation file from a list, so pay close attention to file names and make sure you are choosing the one that you want. You may also have to consent to License Agreements and similar contracts at this time.

After the installation is complete, you should have the ability to launch it directly. Remember that large programs will take up significant space, which not all Chromebooks have. Luckily, there are alternate ways to use Android apps on Chromebooks and save space.

That connection would give users the chance to load and run Windows 10 through a dual-boot setup. Google supposedly halted this project in However, recent reporting suggests that the project may not be dead after all.

One of the most notable features of Chrome OS is its excellent source of scarce system resources. Unfortunately, though, Windows 10 demands a lot more horsepower to fire up and run than any Chrome OS. Windows 11 now no longer lets you use the old Windows 10 Start Menu.

The most common Google Meet problems and how to fix them. How to save a webpage as a PDF. How to turn a PC or tablet into an Echo Show. AMD vs. Once you do that, you will be asked to activate the Virtual Network. Run Windows 10 on a Chromebook 1. Now, proceed with the installation just like you do on Windows. The best part is that the Windows VM has internet connectivity and sound functionality too. No need to fiddle with anything. You will directly boot into Windows will all your programs and files intact.

No installation needed. And if you want to completely delete Windows from Chromebook and free up space then first shut down the VM and then open Virtual Machine Manager. Within a few seconds, the Windows VM will be deleted and your storage will free up. So that is how you can install Windows 10 on a Chromebook. Anyway, if you want to use Microsoft Office on a Chromebook without installing Windows 10 then go through our linked guide.

Also, you can run any Windows app on Chromebook through Wine. You can even play popular games like Among Us on Chromebook. That is all from our side. If you are facing any issues then do comment down below and let us know. We will surely try to help you out.

This might be due to me being docked during installation and undocked then rebooting. Im stuck on step 5, i dont have all those apps, only the terminal, and im using a HP Chromebook x What do i do?

SO it was almost running the 8. I am using an Acer Spin Windows 10 64 bit gets installed. Locks up too much to even be useful. In my experience Windows 8.

Hardly ever any lockups using an 8. Its not even Android os. No by reply to the recent commnets I can not try anything dumb like this? I need to trust you before I tri. So we can install others programs, ans windows 10 too. Any ideas? Could it be hiding somewhere else?? Any suggestions?

In this article, we have given in-depth tutorial on steps to install Windows 10 on Chromebook. Here are all the topics covered in this article:. LOG IN. Recover your password. Im stuck on step 5, i dont have all those apps, only the terminal, What am i supposed to do? Thanks Arjun. Work in progress. I would like to know how to install Windows on the Chromebook itself.

You can run Android apps on some Chromebooks. Some Android apps run on Chrome OS. Will it still work? Your Comment Please enter your comment! Your Name Please enter your name here.

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How to Install Windows on a Chromebook


Turn off your Chromebook and flip it upside down. Remove the screws holding the back panel in place and open up your computer. Locate and remove the write-protect screw, then replace the back panel. Press Enter to turn OS verification off and enable developer mode. Plug your Chromebook into a power source and wait for it to switch to developer mode. Your hard drive will be wiped, and you will be prompted to set up your Chromebook again like you did when you first bought it.

This is no longer required after you install Windows. Once finished, the firmware you need to run Windows will automatically install. Power down your Chromebook when the installation is complete. You can replace the write-protect screw, but you’ll have to remove it again if you ever want to reinstall the original BIOS. On your Windows computer, go to the Windows 10 download page and select Download tool now under Create Windows 10 installation media.

Check the box beside Use the recommended options for this PC , then select Next. Select USB flash drive , then select Next. Select your USB drive, then select Next. Wait for the installation media to be created, select Finish , then remove the flash drive from your PC. Use the Windows for Chromebook Installation Helper to find the recommended drivers for your specific model. If the Windows installer doesn’t boot from the USB device automatically, press Esc as soon as your Chromebook starts up to access the boot menu.

If your Chromebook freezes at any point, hold down the power button to turn it off, then turn it back on. When the Windows installer boots up, make sure the language and region settings are correct, then select Next. If you only have a USB keyboard, you can use the arrow keys, Tab , and Enter to navigate the installer menus, but a mouse makes it easier. Select Install now.

When asked for a product key, select I don’t have a product key. Select the version of Windows you want to install Windows 10 Home or Pro is recommended , then select Next and accept the license agreement.

Select Custom: Install Windows only advanced. Delete all of the partitions listed ignore the warnings so that you only have unallocated space on your hard drive. You can also use cloud gaming services to stream titles from your Chromebook. Guides How-to’s. How to put Windows on Chromebook devices We actually don’t recommend it, but we’ll help if you must!

By Edgar Cervantes. Chromebooks can run Android apps While not all Chromebooks support Android apps , most modern ones do. Chromebooks can also run Linux apps You should check if your Chromebook can run Linux apps for true desktop-level productivity. Chrome Web Store. How to use Chrome Remote Desktop: Make sure you are signed in to the same Google account on both computers. Open Chrome on your Windows computer. Install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension.

After installation, open the Chrome Remote Desktop web app. Under Set up remote access , select Turn on. Name your computer and hit Next. Enter a PIN and hit Start. Go to your Chromebook and open Chrome. Go to the Chrome Remote Desktop website. Select the Windows machine. Enter the PIN number and hit Enter. Shadow Tech. Requirements The Chromebook you want to install Windows on. A secondary Windows computer. A USB flash drive. A USB keyboard and mouse. Getting the Chromebook ready Turn the Chromebook off.

Open the back and remove the Write Protect Screw. Type in shell and press Enter. Select Full coreboot Firmware from the options. Type Y to confirm. Insert the USB flash drive. Open the file you downloaded and hit Accept. Pick Next. Choose Use the recommended options for this PC and press Next. Your Chromebook should then boot from the USB device and you can begin in the install process by going to Step 5a.

On this page, you should see a list of devices that have drivers available for your Chromebook. Download the. Donations help me keep the channel running.

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