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Windows 10 home folder encryption free download

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It means a benign program is wrongfully flagged as malicious due to an overly broad detection signature or algorithm used in an antivirus program. What do you think about Advanced Folder Encryption? Do you recommend it? Advanced Folder Encryption for Windows. Author’s review All-in-one folder lock software to lock folder, password protect folder, hide folder, encrypt folder on Windows systems.

Advanced Folder Encryption for PC. Free Folder Password Lock 5. Free Folder Lock 1. FlashCrypt 1. With this application, you can put a password on any files and folders on your external hard drive, so that nobody can access them without the right Folder Lock Pro is a trial version software for Windows, that belongs to the category ‘Access Control’.

The software provides access control and encryption service for Folder Password Lock Pro Free Download for Windows. Software for Enhanced Folder Protection and Privacy There can be times when you require an extra level of privacy in regards to any data contained within offline folders. Windows access control computer software external hard drives external hard drives for windows 7 folder lock. Folder Lock 7. Folder Lock. CryptoForge has robust file encryption and decryption features to securely transfer your files if you frequently have to share data on the internet.

Avast is a big name in the antimalware industry. But it is seventh on this list because it’s not a dedicated folder encryption software. It provides wholesome data security and antivirus solutions, and encryption here is a very small part of the entire package. However, it is free software for personal use and comes with excellent antimalware, antivirus, phishing protection, online security, and more.

SensiGuard is a modern yet simple-to-use folder encryption software that can encrypt all your data. It can also protect your private information and provide safety against online identity theft. The software uses bit AES encryption that you can access without any technical knowledge. All in all, SensiGuard is a fast and simple software for file encryption. VeraCrypt is another free folder encryption software with military-grade level encryption.

It is open-source software that you can use for free, but it does not have an intuitive interface. However, this can be compensated with multiple device support and high-end security standards. Can’t decide which folder encryption software is the best for you?

Well, all these tools are very useful and powerful in their own way. So, it is common to feel confused. However, to clear your confusion, it is recommended to ask yourself a few basic questions to find the best folder encryption software. Here this table will better help you find a suitable folder encryption software:. We hope that this guide has helped you find the best folder encryption software suiting your needs.

Overall, all 10 folder encryption software are very nice with the military grade level encryption system. Thus, you should evaluate your system requirements and encryption needs to select the suitable tool.

Partition Master Enterprise. Once the data is encrypted through this software, you can access it only by first unlocking the folder through the Unlock feature of this software. This software also comes with a helping guide that you can use in case of some error.

FlashCrypt is a free and easy to folder encryption software for Windows. It is another great software to protect your folders from unauthorized access. Along with folders, it can also be used to encrypt files, documents, etc. To protect files and folders, it uses AES bit algorithm which is really secure. This software attaches itself with the Windows Explorer and hence, can be accessed from the right-click menu.

After selecting a folder and pressing the right click button, you can view the Protect with FlashCrypt option. Through this option, you can encrypt the folder after specifying the password. At the time of encryption, you can enable its Password Recovery check box. This password recovery checkbox only allows the developers of this software to recover the password. Hence, you will need to contact the developers to recover back the lost password.

Through this software, you can also compress encrypted folders. Plus, an option to automatically delete the original file after encryption is also provided by it. In general, it is another good folder encryption software. MacPaw Encrypto is yet another free folder encryption software on this list. It is a lightweight software that allows you to quickly encrypt folder or a file. In order to encrypt a folder, you just need to drop that folder on the interface of this software.

After dropping the folder, you can set the password as well as a hint , in case you forget the password. This software does not encrypt the original folder instead it creates an encrypted copy of that folder. You can save the encryption copy in the same or in some other location. The encrypted file or folder created by this software is saved in a.

This software only creates one output encrypted file even if you add multiple separate folders to this software. This software allows you to quickly encrypt a folder at a time with ease. However, before performing the encryption, you need to set a password for this software so that no unauthorized person can launch it. Now, to encrypt a folder, launch its interface, tick the Encrypt checkbox , and provide the path of the folder.

After that, press the Start Button to start the folder encryption process. During the folder decryption, you just need to tick the Decrypt checkbox instead of the Encrypt checkbox.

After that, this software asks you to provide the password to decrypt the folder. Safelock is the next free portable folder encryption software on this list. This encryption software can easily encrypt files and folders of size up to 2GB. To encrypt folders, you just need to drag and drop them to its interface. As soon as you drop folders to its interface, it gives you a password field to set the password.



Windows 10 home folder encryption free download

You can set a password that is asked when someone opens the program. Besides encryption, you can create a backup of the folder that you want to encrypt. This software can be used to encrypt folders and files.